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In this extra-exclusive FFAF post, a few dapper tomboys reveal their secrets to smelling good. Read on for two rather different takes on the world of men’s cologne and how to wear it well.

Our first portion is from G of the awesome Can I Help You, Sir? (Seriously, if you’re not reading this, you should be! It’s the adventures of G, with hot lists of swoon-worthy femmes and discussion on all things butch. RAD.)

G says: My preference is for clean, fresh or in some cases, woodsy scents with an underlying masculine feel. I tend to stay away from the spicy colognes, as they’re too heavy. I don’t want my scent to be noticed as soon as I walk in the room; I’d rather it be noticed because someone had to lean in closely to talk to me.

My top 3:

  • Armani Code for Men: I think it’s the combination of the lemon and the wood that really does it for me with this scent. One of the things I like best about it is that it’s definitely masculine without being overwhelming, which is an elusive quality with all the macho colognes out there.
  • Burberry Classic for Men: I really love what Burberry does with their fragrances, especially this one. It just smells great on my skin. It’s been around for a while, but it’s still one of the first ones I grab as I’m getting ready. The top notes of bergamot, cedar and amber really do it for me. I also own Burberry London, Brit and Beat, and I love them all.
  • Banana Republic Slate: I love the fresh scent of this cologne, which relies basically on a blend of ginger and citrus notes. Those two together give it the a quality that is tough for me to find, which is clean AND inviting. It also just feels like a simple, easy-to-wear cologne, which I really like.

My choices also vary a bit depending on the season. These ones are all good fall/winter selections. I have different standbys in the summer that are a little lighter with more prominent citrus undertones (Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is a favorite).

Next up is our very own M, who needs no introduction.

M says: OK! This is about colognes!

First, much like G, I treat most colognes like seasons. Summer scents are not okay in the winter, unless there’s some sort of obscene heat wave that drives all the sea lions from Pier 39 all the way to Oregon. There are a few that are transcendental, though, and can be enjoyed year round, not unlike peach cobbler (Team Pie! Niiiiiiiiiice. – SBJ).

  • I like spicy  (but earthy) colognes in the fall and winter. Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 and John Varvatos Vintage are good examples. The Varvatos in particular smells like you just made an emergency landing with your prop plane in a mossy forest, survived, and so did your flask. It is quiet-handsome-action-hero-ruggedness! Tobacco, dirt, woods, gasoline, smoke!
  • I am loathe to admit this, because Tom Ford is a giant douchebag, and most of his colognes reek like urinal cakes, but I really liked his Black Orchid cologne for Men. I plan to steal some from a department store so Mr Ford doesn’t profit. This makes me feel better. Anyway, why I liked it- the cologne is like an Olympic fencer: surprisingly subtle.
  • Summer and Spring call for lighter, cleaner/fresher scents, to go with lighter clothing. Although I am all out, Creed Silver Mountain Water is my favorite. It is light and clean and not FRUITY! I don’t want to smell like food. Only food should smell like food! In fact, I have a household ban on any non-food product that smells like food (candles, soaps, cleaning products, etc). Okay, okay, I made one exception for a fig candle.

Tomboy Out!

I hope y’all enjoyed this! I sure as hell did. Now you have a whole roll call of fancy men’s cologne to get your tomboys or boy toys! (Or to try yourselves – I know I have some tough guys lurking out there!) In other news, M just smoothed a palmful of Lacoste all over the puppies. Sigh. As a bonus gift from me to you, take a peek at some covert butch stuff below – we femmes aren’t the only hoarders! – SBJ

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Comments (7)

  • DorothyZbornak

    “The Varvatos in particular smells like you just made an emergency landing with your prop plane in a mossy forest, survived, and so did your flask. It is quiet-handsome-action-hero-ruggedness! Tobacco, dirt, woods, gasoline, smoke!”

    Best scent description EVER! Love it. Great post, y’all.

  • M

    yeah, man!

  • SBJ

    Anake: FABULOUS. I sneak the tomboy’s sniffs every once in awhile. They’re yummy.
    Kate: Word. M is forever making me laugh – her writing style is especially hilarious.
    SartorialButch: Ooh, I like your post, too. In face, I just commented, which I’ll repost here, too:

    BOYS / (BOIS)! Stand at attention, for I have an announcement. Some of you might already be privy to this little gem online, but The Perfumed Court isn’t just for ladies, you can find sampler packs for Gents there as well. So so so so much fun, and not terribly expensive at all.

    What does this mean?
    Why do you care?

    Because it means you can get a spattering of fancy, artisan scents at a low price, test them out on yourselves and see what the femmes think, and then commit to buying full bottles (or not, which is the true beauty of decants). For instance, the pack I’ll link to in a moment contains 1.5ML of the following for less than $50: Creed Green Irish Tweed, Serge Lutens Chergui, Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur, Montale Black Aoud, Creed Bois Du Portugal, Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque, Creed Silver Mountain Water, Tauer L’Air du Desert Marocaine, YSL M7.

    Here’s a link – happy experimenting!—Varied-perfume-houses/Mens-Fragrances.aspx

  • SartorialButch

    Nice post from both collaborators! – My take on this subject:

  • G

    Kudos, M & FFAF! I love that M and I have styles that are a little different; we all have our thing, right? I love the whole post – nicely done!

    It was great fun to collaborate on this! Thanks!

    (Oh, and I’m posting a link on my blog as well.)

  • Kate

    Nice job on the post. M’s writing style makes me laugh A LOT. I was actually going to say something similar to aneke — men’s perfumes on all flavours of masculine people are hot, but … men’s perfumes on feminine people are such an AMAZING juxtaposition that I might have to get myself some. Or steal my boyfriend’s. My superfemme baby sister (well, 17 years old) wears Lynx deoderant (marketed in the US as ‘Axe’ I think?) so if I’m crazy, I’m not crazy alone. Although, I think I would buy something better than Lynx deoderant ;)

  • aneke

    I love Armani Code so much I bought it for all the men in my life, then finally folded and bought it for myself. Femme and heels and Armani Code. So what! lol

    PS awesome pics