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I think I stumbled across this excellent skirt at a thrift store back home somewhere. It’s Eddie Bauer, which is kind of horrifying because my only other experience with them is a brief obsession with Ford F-Series Eddie Bauer Limited Edition pick-up trucks in high school, and here I am in a garment of the same name. But it’s plaid and wool and very New England, and  - news flash – it’s winter here. Brr. Snow tomorrow? We’ll see.

3-Blanket Skirt

As it happens, the weatherman just said by Wednesday temps will spike up to the high 50s, and the tomboy trilled that she will be wearing shorts to work, “thank you very much.” What a sicko, especially considering we’ve currently got a fire roaring and I’m wearing thick Uniqlo leggings and an Everlane cashmere sweater on the couch on an extra lazy Saturday.

4-Blanket Skirt-002

I love the skirt’s buckle and fringe, like a blanket! I craved sparkle this day (I think I’d spent like three days straight in proper riding/barn clothes, and by god I just wanted to feel girly and fancy), so on went the Marc by Marc Jacobs bow necklace. I must have really been wanting some femme time because right after these were taken I popped into Acoté on Newbury St. and saw Eva for a saucy new bang trim, which I love.


I paired it with a little red sweater the tomboy picked up for me at Urban Outfitters last year (it was kind of an emergency), some tights, and a pair of Wythe NY Reese riding boots, which I believe are a Gilt-specific brand. They are insanely comfortable, the leather is supple and lovely, and so far I’m very pleased. You’d think I have enough riding boots, but aside from a brown/black combo and my lovely oxblood pair, the only other tall boots I have are brown and high-heeled, or over-the-knee in black. Some might argue I also require a plain brown pair, alas…

Oh! Tugging along this textured Dooney & Bourke bag was an easy choice.


I know it’s been awhile since my last post – busy weeks with clients and horses will sap a gal of all her spare energy, especially when she’s recovering from a cold – and in that one I also mentioned a movie, but ZOMG THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE.

We went last night after I rallied from a migraine (November is clearly not my month for malaise) and it was just so good. We may or may not be popping out tomorrow to see it again. LIKE IT’S REALLY GOOD DON’T JUDGE US OKAY!? There is a lot of cuteness happening over at the Autostraddle Happy Hunger Games: Open Thread Forever, so you should go there if you, too, are totally geeking out about it. I’m just saying, I might dress up next time.

7-Blanket Skirt-003

No spoilers, but my two new faves are Joanna (duh) and Beetee.

My camera’s on its last leg, you guys! What am I going to do?!?!


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Comments (7)

  • Sally

    Hi! I love your boots, I found them online (thanks for the link!) but I can’t find a description of how they fit. Are they true to size? Narrow? Wide?

    • fit for a femme

      Sure thing! I wear a standard 6.5, sometimes a 7, and I’m glad I ordered these in a 6.5 because the leather is wonderfully giving.

      Super thick socks for winter don’t cramp my toes or anything when I’ve got these on, even if the socks are layered over tights and both of THOSE layers are under a pair of cords or jeans or whatever. You know what my calves look like and they fit well there, too – just right, not too snug nor too loose. Hope that helps, I’d grab the chocolate or wine black pair too if I needed another badly.

      • Sally

        Thanks so much! Love your style :)

  • Julia

    I love your lip color! And basically everything about your makeup look here. I’m always wearing a bright lip but I want to try out some nude shades. Any recommendations? I have pretty much your same coloring.

    Loved everything about this look :)

    • fit for a femme

      Thank you, I’m almost certain it’s my Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit. I’m sure you can find your own version of a nude in the many shades they carry, but what I like about it is that it’s got more staying power than your average gloss, and next to no shimmer – just a beautiful sheer peach sheen.

      I recently was lucky enough to get a full-size stick of Tarte’s Complexion Enhancing Lipstick in Fair-to-Light in a Glossybox, and it’s a really nice option for a nude lip that isn’t glossy but packs enough sheen + pigment to keep a nude-averse girl from feeling too “naked.”

      Hope that helps!

  • DD

    you look amazing!!! love this outfit!

    • fit for a femme

      Thank you!