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Typical day wandering around the forest drinking Blanton’s and pouncing on tree stumps. It’s a gloomy, rainy Fall day here at home, which is very lovely – the rain sounds divine – but the downside is that it means yet another canceled riding lesson. I haven’t been riding in two weeks, and it was something like 80°F then. My instructor just texted to tell me that my pony is lame, to boot.

Did y’all have a nice weekend? Ours was awesome. We had dinner at MUA in Oakland with an out-of-town friend who was interviewing for an exciting new position nearby, and the evening weather was gorgeous, the streets packed to the gills with Art Murmur-goers. The tomboy called the shots on Saturday, so we stayed in our PJs, slept in, watched movies and lazed around all the day long. Yesterday I got to call the shots, so we brunched in the Mission and soaked in the blues skies at IndieMart in Potrero Hill, petite in tow.

M found us some DIY mimosa kits (paper lunch sacks containing a bottle of OJ, a can of Sofia, and a plastic cup) and Korean tacos, and I scored some lovely finds – a vintage sweater with a tribal Pendleton feel, a nudie girl friendship bracelet, and a friendly, soft-skin making solid lotion bar.

Later that night I got all dressed up to meet a friend on the Embarcadero, where we attended a Fleet Week formal reception aboard the HMCS Ottawa at Pier 35. It was so much fun! The Snowbirds (officially known as the Canadian Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron) were all there and as they are basically rock stars, or the Canadian versions of our Blue Angels, it was so cool to hang out on the same awesome WWII destroyer ship as them. After my date – an officious member of the Canadian Consulate – and I got our sea legs over cocktails, we eventually scampered up and down four levels of the ship on an excellent tour, which ended in an invitation to sit down and have a beer (Canadian!) in the Ward Room. There may or may not have also been Canadian hip-hop playing.

OK, let’s discuss this outfit. I really like this dress and both times I’ve worn it so far, it’s gotten lots of compliments. People can’t believe it’s not vintage when I tell them. I feel like it’s really versatile – can be dressed up or down, worn in mild or cold weather – and features a print that’s somehow both attention-getting and soft, muted.

Dress & Pony Watch: Asos
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Seychelles (so comfortable, you guys)
Necklaces: Culp Baubles (lipstick bullet), Mariele Ivy (bear tooth)
Bracelets: Lori’s Shoes (leather + gold cuff), H&M (braided friendship bracelet)
Ring: Crossroads
Clutch: Handmade by this smart, foxy lady

What’s it like where you are? I know it snowed in Utah, finally stormed in Austin, and that Boston saw a little Indian Summer of its own this weekend. All the weather-y things.



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SBJ @ 12:48 PM

Comments (11)

  • m clark |

    love this dress, i almost ordered the same one from ASOS but got a blouse and skirt instead! looks great here, and i adore it with that belt.

  • Anonymous

    That belt is FIERCE.

    I thought about buying that dress, but I ended up not. I don’t think I would have worn it half as well as you do, though!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, plus – GD snow!

  • Anonymous

    You know I love it when M makes you climb trees!

    Also, YOU GOT TO DRINK IN THE WARD ROOM? Lucky duck.

    • Anonymous

      yes!! my next goal is to make her climb on top of the car! and not for breaking and entering into our own home, for FFAF!

    • FFAF

      I knew you’d be able to appreciate this! The vending machine had $1 beers, there was a PS3 and they were playing hip-hop via the tipsy sailor’s iPad! 

  • Rachel Kantstopdaphunk

    heehee! when you said MUA, I thought makeupalley! Super cute ring! :)

  • Rachel Kantstopdaphunk

    haha, when you said MUA, I thought makupalley :) super cute ring! :)

  • jen

    What in the world is Canadian hip hop?!?! And do I really want to know?

    • FFAF

      See, I love so many Canadian musicians, but I’m no hip-hop aficionado. I know I prefer East to West Coast and loathe 98% of mainstream, popular hip-hop, so I’m the last person to be giving my opinion on ANY hip-hop, let alone Canadian. Maybe BCW will pop by to share her thoughts. 

  • effinclassy

    This dress is awesome! I am always on the lookout for dresses that are covered up enough for court and cute enough for the rest of my life.